Kid's Factory Italia

Laveno Mombello, Italy, Gennaio 2019

The main feature of design’s idea is a long building which has reco¬gnized every function in his line, with Portaluppi’s building as start of path, around which various bodies are attached: a large hall and a nursery, a large sports structure and a tall residential building. In a detached position, there is a primary school with a small library. The aggregation of the bodies to the line building (backbone of the project) generates a system of open court spaces, having different characters depending on the bodies facing them. The whole project was designed without wanting to constrain the functions in order to create no limits for the various activities to be carried out.
The line building
The backbone of the project can be accessed through the Portaluppi’s building. The expected functions of the building are: exhibition spaces, art workshops, sports facilities, conference halls, research and development offices, and everything concerning of the training of the child. Open-court spaces have been developed along the path, to increase the connection between inside and outside. In one of these, facing the Kindergarten Hall, a small staircase-stands is expected. So, an open-air but covered space has been designed to perform social events (theater, cinema, etc.).
The Kindergarten Hall
The building is a large square-shaped hall of 1,600 sqm. The roof is resting on columns with wheelbase of 8m and high ground clearance of 8m. The cover is designed as a protective shell, a box raised from the ground; this generates a colonnade-space before the various accesses inside it. Inside, at about half the height, and only along the perimeter, runs a mezzanine overlooking the ground floor: it is a space to be allocated to the discrete observation of the activities that take place on the ground floor, or a path to the perimeter for further activities. Hall is connected to the long building, on one of the sides, where external and internal service stairs are provided. The roof provi¬des a large skylight, from which natural light enters.
The residential building
It is the tallest building, allow to see the Lago Maggiore lake as well. It is for this reason that towards the lake it opens up, showing the structural frame to allow open-space-planned floors apartments.
Nursery/Workshop for children
The building, coupled with the services, is small in size compared to the others and develops on both sides of a central portico. Classrooms and / or laboratories are included.